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Arise Computer SSC-486H Ver C for Sale

We have for sale the legacy Half SBC based on INTEL 486 CPU.

The "SSC-486H Ver C" is tested fully for functionality before shipment to the customer.
The board is supplied with 32 or 64 MB memory.

All boards are shipped with ATR (Acceptance Test Results).

Warranty: 60 days.

List of Arise SSC-486H Ver C for sale:
For price: please send email to 
  • SN: 9700940, Fully Functioning and tested

If the RTC (Real Time Clock) from DALLAS DS12887 is not working ("Dead" battery), we make modification to the RTC in order to install CR2032 battery out of the component (that is soldered to the board...).

CPUIntel™ DX4-75/100MHz, AMD™ 486DX2-66/80MHz, Cyrix™ Cx486DX2-50/66MHz, UMC 486SX-33
Cache128KB, 256KB, 512KB
ArchitectureWatchdog Timer
On-Board InterfaceIDE, FD Controller, 2 Serial port,Parallel port, Mouse/KBD Connector, 2x72-pin SIMM sockets
Memory1MB to 64MB DRAM (EDO, DRAM) 
Bios27C512 EPROM with Award BIOS
Multi-I/O ChipsetSMC FDC37C665
Serial PortTwo 16550 UARTs RS-232/422/485
TemperatureOperating: 0~60°C  
Storage -40~75°C  
Humidity: 5%-95% (non-condensing)
External Power Controllermodel : 2571-08TS, 8-pin male con.
Dimension (LxW)7" x 4.8"
Refer to OEM page:

General View

Rear View