Our Capabilities and Advantages

Provision of Old/Legacy Tested Computer Cards with warranty
  • We have the ability to build up setups to most Old/Legacy computer cards and test them.
  • We test 100% of the computer cards that we provide.
  • We Write detailed Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP) for each card, and fill Acceptance Test Results (ATR).
  • Those documents are submitted to our customer as part of the deliveries.
  • We give 6-12 months warranty on each card.

Finding and Locating Parts
  • We have the ability to locate obsolesce computer parts ("COTS" parts), by the part number, and advise also replacement in case of unavailable part. 
  • We have resources in the east (Taiwan, South Korea, China, Honk-Kong), Europe (Austria, Germany, France, UK, Denmark, Czech…) Canada and USA . 
  • We can provide an engineering solution in case of unavailable part. 

Technical Assistance
  • With old computer parts / electronic component - the Original Equipment manufacture (OEM), in most cases is no available for  technical assistance.
  • We are specializing with old computer cards, we know how to get the User's manual and datasheet, and we try to resolve any technical issue from the document and from our long experience.
  • We provide answers to anyone that approach us even without being our customer.
Service for Old Computer Systems
  • Fault allocating
  • Replacing malfunctioning parts with working one
  • Transferring old "Legacy" Computer systems to new platform
  • Servicing old Industrial computers
Quick Response
  • We respond within 2 working days with results.
  • We do not required any PO (Purchase Order) to start our process, just send detailed email, preferred with pictures. No Obligations!
  • We handle each requirement the same no matter the value of the PO.

Tracking leads for long time
  • We receive requirements and trying to find and locate parts.
  • We send and track periodicity the different markets till the parts appear.
  • we have experience with parts that found 12 months after receiving requirements (PC/104 RTD CMC16686GX300HR-128, ADI HOS-060/SH, Eurotech CPU-1233...).

  • We give 6-12 months standard warranty.
  • We generally support our customers with spares during the warranty period.

We are specialized with:
  • Obsolete (hard to find) Computer Parts
  • Old (legacy) hard to find computer systems
  • Obsolete computer , controller, electronic, RF components

Dan Gilboa,
Jul 9, 2012, 10:28 AM