Customer's Advantages

Our services support our customers' advantages.
We are levering the customer's Buyer process.

Saving Time and Efforts
  • The Customer's buyer - in most cases is dealing with large orders, with parts that are available in the markets.
  • The Buyer can serve it's organization in the best way, and to the main projects.
  • Obsolete parts are in general for maintenance or logistics projects, with small volumes,, but they can take numerous time and effort. We save those from the buyer.
  • The customer pays only if the part is ordered and supplied to the customer. The customer is not paying for the process of trying to find the parts.

Quick Procurement and Flexibility
  • The moment we find / locate the specific part, we start the procurement process.
  • We usually buy using Credit Cards, or PayPal services.
  • With certain suppliers we are working with bank Transfer (Telegraphic Transfer - T/T).
  • The total process is from minutes to 2 working days (in the case of T/T)
  • We are trying NOT to lose any opportunity... 

Testing - 100% Tested Parts
  • We test 100% of the parts we supply.
  • We supply with each part Acceptance Test Results (ATR)
  • Our customers know that the parts even they are obsolete - they were tested and found working satisfactory.
  • Customers can buy obsolete parts for official distributor, and find them not working at all, without any ability to supply the customer with his requirements. 

Technical Assistance
  • With old computer parts / electronic component - the Original Equipment manufacture (OEM), in most cases is no available for  technical assistance.
  • We are specializing with old computer cards, we know how to get the User's manual and datasheet, and we try to resolve any technical issue from the document and from our long experience.
  • We provide answers to anyone that approach us even without being our customer.

  • The moment customer raises requirements we start looking for the part.
  • It can take few hours, days or even months sometimes to trace, find and locate the specific part.
  • We have Log Book with requirements, and periodicity we are trying to trace the parts, till they appear in the market.
  • Customers / buyers cannot work in this way in the Traditional Industry. They need to serve the requirements in their organization immediately.

We are specialized with:
  • Obsolete (hard to find) Computer Parts
  • Old (legacy) hard to find computer systems
  • Transferring Old "Legacy" Computer Systems to new platforms
  • Obsolete computer , controller, electronic, RF components

Dan Gilboa,
Jul 9, 2012, 10:28 AM