We are specialized with:
  • Finding Obsolete / Hard to find Computer Parts
  • Supplying Tested with Warranty Obsolete Computer Parts
  • Old (legacy) hard to find computer systems
  • Obsolete computers , controllers and special electronic components

  • "Obsolete-PC" activity is a leading provider of Obsolete/ Hard-To-Find (new and used) Computer Hardware.
  • All the hardware that we supply are 100% check and tested.
  • We provide 6-12 months warranty as standard.
  • Our network of vendors and resources is around the world.
  • We can find your requested hardware and support your legacy systems, without spending major money on updates of hardware or buying new products.

The massive use of commercial and Industrial Computer (controller) Parts (COTS) in Defense / Military / Industrial Systems, leads to Electronic Systems that are in the end development phase and already have already obsolesce computer parts.

Some of the Computer (Control / Electronic) Systems can be upgraded, but some cannot due to qualification process, closed Operation systems (OS). For those systems the original parts are required.

Among Our Customers:
  • Electric Power Planet industry
  • Defense industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Refineries industry
  • Production lines
  • Aerospace industry
  • Space Agencies
  • Follow On Support activities
  • ILS activities 

Please visit the Services page and Customer' Advantages page.

Contact us : info@obsolete-pc.com


  • Saving Time and Efforts
  • Quick Procurement and Flexibility
  • 100% Tested Parts
  • We are trying to find the required part over time
  • Technical assistance for old cards

We supply the following services to our customers
  • Finding the required computer parts
  • Quick procurement
  • Quick shipment
  • Testing 100% of the computer parts with Acceptance Test Results (ATR)
  • Warranty - standard 6 to 12 months (not 7, 14, 30, 60 days...)
  • Defining with the customer the specific part number of the required part
  • Follow on support during the warranty period
  • Technical Assistance

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